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'One cannot think well, love well and sleep well, if one has not dined well.'
Virginia Woolf
My Story


Food innovation is my thing! I create, cultivate and cook all things nutritious. 


Although I am entirely self taught in the kitchen, I have recently completed the AFN Certified Course in Nutritional Training which qualifies me as a Nutritional Adviser.

For over two years,  I was working as a Property Manager. However , I realised that the office life was not fitting well as I was itching to get back into the food industry. 


I spontaneously started a meal prep business in 2017 whilst at University  because I was blogging about food and health and received a lot of emails and Instagram DM's asking if I could provide meals. It began well, but became extremely stressful juggling exams, work and a new business venture. 


Fast forward a year, I studied whilst working and began strategising on how to re-start the business. And here we are today. I have decided to give it another go!

My ethos is 'nourish the body, feed the soul'. I believe that eating should be an enjoyable experience for both your insides and outside. If we get this balance, our state of mind is refreshed and at peace.

Lets work on it together!

TS xx

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